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Tamaya Telescopic Alidade

Date Acquired: November 20, 1976 This is an indicator or sighting apparatus used with a plane table, consisting of a telescope mounted on a straightedge ruler, fitted with a level bubble, scale, and vernier to measure angles, and calibrated to mea... read more

Grave Furniture

Donor: Dr. & Mrs Miguel Navarra Site: Navarra's Fishpond, Suwatan, Ambago, Butuan City Year Acquired: 1977 Description: A Photo-Historic Grave of an Adult (Late 14th-15th Century) The practice of placing objects (weapons, jew... read more


The Bul-ul or Bulol is an Ifugao anthropomorphic carving that symbolizes an Ifugao rice god.They are guardians of rice granaries. The Ifugao believe that "Bululs" are responsible for plentiful harvests of rice. Bululs are usually... read more


Used for storing grains of rice.... read more

Tapey or Tapuy Jar

These jars are used to store Tapey. Tapey or Tapuy is a native wine made by fermenting rice with a special yeast in a clay or wooden jar using mountain spring water, resulting in a strong brew popular at cañaos or mountain feasts.&nb... read more


Lime containers of the Cordillerans... read more

Ifugao Imbayah

The Imbayah festival is part of the Ifugaos' cultural pride. The word Imbayah comes from the Ifugao word bayah, or rice wine, which signifies nobility and high stature in the community. This festival has been theri way of thanksgiving and is a se... read more

Pagkawin Yakan Wedding

Published on Jan 16, 2013 Sociology-Anthropology students of the Ateneo de Zamboanga University going through, in a simulation, a traditional wedding practice of the Yakans of Basilan, Mindanao, Philippines   Music :"Yakan&... read more


Work of NELFA QUERUBIN. Contemporary Ceramics.Paintings. Prints Lake Powel by: Nelfa Querubin Lake Powel.2007.Red.Slab-Built Curved. Mason. Stain. Underglaze. Yellow and Cobalt Glaze.Fired High in Electric Kiln... read more

Primitive Flat Iron

Primitive iron brass is used with charcoal on it for ironing clothes.... read more


User's Training
The Asian University Digital Resource Network will be holding a two-day training for our point persons on how to go about the generation, collection, and documentation of local knowledge content from our schools and locality and how these can be uploaded and shared in our online artifacts platform. This project is handled by our EdTech committee spearheaded by you including the training that we will be having on May 21 and 22,2015 at the University of Sto. Tomas in Espana, Manila.

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