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Vision, Mission & Values


The Asian University Digital Resource Network is the leading network of academic institutions in Asia for the advancement of local knowledge in whole person education. It is a vital network of support for academic professionals on information exchange and local knowledge management using new and cost-effective digital tools and applications.


AUDRN enhances the capacity of Asian higher education institutions in rediscovering, documenting, co-creating and sharing local knowledge using digital tools;

It integrates local knowledge in the areas of instruction, research, extension and service-learning; and

In its strategic desire to contribute to social transformation, AUDRN works toward creating sustainable communities in the local and national levels, in particular, and in the Asian region, in general.



AUDRN stands for knowledge in accord with reality and the behavior faithful to ethical standards. It seeks the truth through research, to disseminate it through teaching and to translate this into action. The network values and utilizes the perspectives of different cultures to assist its members in seeking truth and developing ethical standards.


AUDRN pursues the highest quality standards in the promotion of local knowledge. While doing so, the network consistently looks for better, innovative, and culturally-sensitive ways for the advancement of local knowledge.


AUDRN observes the principle of justice in all manner of activities. This entails the observance of what is legal and ethically right; fair to all parties as dictated by reason and conscience; free from self-interest, bias or deception; and conforming to established standards or rules. AUDRN respects a person's dignity regardless of age, gender, economic and social status, origin, and culture.


AUDRN supports the propagation of local knowledge for the good of the academic as well as the local communities. It supplies the network, other institutions, and local communities verified and comprehensive data feeds to users, researchers, and developers, and translates these into programs and activities that promote sensitive awareness of community needs and effective involvement.